Popular Poker Players

Many poker players have become popular all over the world by playing the World Series of Poker (WSOP) or other televised poker events and emerged as extremely successful poker players. Below there are some brief notes of a few famous poker players that rule the hearts of many with their WSOP wins.

1. Allen Cunningham: This popular poker player nicknamed Clever Piggy is from Riverside California. He has earned five WSOP bracelets. In the year 2001 he first won the bracelet by outlasting each contest in the Seven Card Stud Event ($5,000). His second bracelet followed a year after in 2002. Then he won No-Limit Hold’em tournament in 2005 ($1,500) for third bracelet, further picking up the fourth bracelet by playing in No-Limit Hold’em tournament ($1,000). Eventually he won the fifth bracelet in 2007 at the $5.000 Pot Limit Hold’em.

2. Phil Ivey: This poker player is the best around the world to me. Phil manages to play each poker hand, as if it is the pocket aces. It indeed makes Phil a highly dominant poker player. The player has achieved success in Pot Limit Omaha ($5,000) at WSOP 2005 and one after the other since 2000 managed to win eight bracelets.

3. Jennifer Harman: Emerging as a steady winner in few big poker games worldwide, this female poker player came fourth in WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic and fifth in Professional Poker Tour event. She is even at the second place in WSOP Circuit Championship tournament. She is a popular poker player and continues to dominate in poker matches outshining her competitors.

4. David Grey: David Grey emerged to be an excellent Seven Card Stud player through his playing tactics and professional skills. He managed to win two WSOP bracelets of which, one he got after winning Seven Card Stud ($2,500) and another by playing No-Limit 2 to 7 Draw Lowball ($5,000). David Grey even has come eighth at the main event of World Series of Poker played in year 2003.

5. Gavin Smith: Gavin Smith is playing poker since 1994. He is now a professional poker player with many WSOP wins in his career. He met with success by winning No-Limit Hold’em match. Next, Gavin earned two matches in Las Vegas, wherein he won $155,000 in No-Limit Hold’em event ($2,000) and then won $1.1 million again in No-Limit Hold’em World Poker Tour ($10,000).

6. Mike Matusow: He has been playing WSOP for a long time. He earned a bracelet playing in No-Limit Hold’em match ($3,500). Then, in the main event of WSOP, the player has finished in the sixth place. He played in Omaha Hi/Lo and won a second bracelet. In World Series of Poker, Mike has come ninth against payday amounting to $1,000,000 that followed by $1,000,000 payday on his winning WSOP Tournament of Champions in 2005.

These are some of the accomplishments of these professional poker players. Their achievements keep making great news headlines and inspire those who wish to make it big in the world of poker and dream a participation in the WSOP.

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