Texas Hold’em – Bluffing Strategy

Many Texas hold em poker players understand that it is very important to be the aggressor when playing online Texas holdem. While it is true that aggressiveness is an important Texas holdem strategy, some players take it too far and forget to fold when they are beaten.

Many players who have a losing hand will opt to go all in when raised, instead of folding when they know that they have a losing hand. This may work on occasion, but in the long run the player with the best hand will call your bluff.

Some people that play Texas holdem online will call large bets in hopes of catching a winning hand. For example, if you have two clubs and the flop comes out with two aces and one club another player will bet, and probably has an ace. Here many people who know how to play Texas holdem will fold their three clubs. Some who value aggression will call in hopes for catching two more clubs. This is not a smart way to play Texas hold em.

While it is true that you will get lucky from time to time by playing this way, in the long run you will lose by going all in with marginal or unmade hands. It is often much better to fold and to be patient, waiting until you actually have a very strong hand when you play Texas holdem online.

This type of aggressive behavior is seen more when you play free online Texas holdem poker than when you play for real money. Having patience and folding is the best practice when you play free Texas holdem for fake money online.

If you were to calculate the odds of winning a hand after the flop comes you would have a good idea of whether or not you should fold. As a rule of thumb, many players will fold to a large raise after the flop if they have nothing. If, after the flop comes, you do not have even a pair, an open ended straight draw, or a four card flush, you should probably fold.

Bluffing will work when you play Internet Texas holdem, but bluffing when there are three or more other players in the hand will often result in someone calling you that actually has a good hand. Do not forget the art of folding when you play a Texas hold em game online.

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