Texas Hold’em – Folding with any hand

If you know any basic strategy in Texas hold’em, you know that choosing your hand is very important. Many beginners will play, bet and eventually lose with every hand. The key is choosing the hand that will give you the winning outcome. If you bet and play every single hand you will lose money every time you play.

There are some basic starting hands that are the “ultimate” hands in Texas Hold’em. These hands include pocket pairs, which are any pair. The best of which are aces. Getting a starting hand of 2 aces is the best hand in the game. The reason for this is, when the flop and river come, even if nobody on the table gets anything but a pair, you still win. In addition, nobody can have a higher pair than you.

The fact that this hand is the best hand would make everyone thinking that this hand should be used at all times and are worth of betting all the money in. This is not correct thinking. First of all, when you get this hand, you don’t want to bet too much money at first because you will cause anyone to fold causing you to lose out on a few more bets. One of the people that you caused to fold might have thought that they had the better hand with a pair of jacks and raised, which would have meant more money for the pot. You want to keep that pot as large as possible and you want to cause as many people as possible to lose.

This can easily be done by luring them out. Luring out players is very simple to do. If you have a semi- decent hand that you are sure can win, try not to cause you’re opponents to fold by betting low. Think of it as a backwards bluff. You bet lower then what your cards are worth to create a safe feeling for your opponents. Then when the flop is down, you can start to raise and finally with the few people left you can go all in and try to eliminate someone while giving yourself the top position.

In a tournament, it may happen you will have to sacrifice great hands for survival. Imagine that you had a pocket pair and you folded. You would never do that right, that would be an impossible reaction to a 2 aces. What if I told you that it would be wiser to throw them away?

Suppose you are in a game with 6 people left,
Player1 – $210
Player2 – $156
Player3 – $90
you – $70
Player5 – $30
Player6 – $18

These are the current statistics of the game and you have just received 2 aces.

You would want to go all in and take player 5 and player 6’s money right? Well chances are that if you go all in, they would fold, thus causing you to lose their bets. They know that you probably have a great hand and you will win, so they fold. On the other hand it may happen that you are called from one of the other players with higher stacks. If they catch a great hand they will eventually win putting you out of the tournament with your hands empty.

If you folded then what? That would have made a much greater impact if you think about it. If the players with more money decided to bet $20 or $40, players 5 and 6 would be out if they lost. You would still be in at this point with $70. If the next bet went up to $90 player 3 would be out too if he lost. Now if instead of going all in with the aces which would have won, you folded, you would still be in the game and in the number 3 spot entitling you to the third prize if you lose right there. Of course you have almost no money left and might lose unless you get another good hand. This is better then getting a small gain and possibly losing in without gaining 3rd place thus getting no prize and losing all money.

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