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Texas Hold’em Player’s Image And Poker Personality

Your texas holdem image is represented by your personality. Every poker player has a personality that can make or break them at a poker game. Your texas holdem image is a crucial part of playing texas holdem. Before I started writing the section of identifying your holdem image and your opponents, I read an article that I’ve found really interesting that relates to the topic of table image.

A book author and professional holdem player was playing texas holdem at the Mirage in Las Vegas. A player left his table and a man wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt filled the seat. The poker author explains, “I immediately pegged this guy for another tourist. After the tourist sat down, he was telling stories and joking with the dealer and some of the other players. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world as he sat there talking and playing.” Everyone at the table perceived this character’s texas holdem image as a weak opponent, but this care-free tourist was winning with his very tight and aggressive style of play.


Texas Hold’em Player Categories

A useful thought process or tool you should familiarize yourself with is placing opponents into categories, both for your current playing session as well as any future sessions against the same player. There are four broad categories of playing styles. By playing against an opponent and learning his or her tendencies, you can place them in a category and adjust your style when contesting a pot with them. I find that by putting names with categories it helps me remember how each opponent plays. Here is a list of different playing styles followed by a suggested name for each. Feel free to use your own names if they are easier for you to remember. One note of caution, just because a player has been included in one category in the past does not mean that he or she cannot be in a different one today. Players play differently at different times for many reasons. Some tight/aggressive players change to loose/aggressive when drinking while others will tighten up after a bad beat. Always take a little time to reevaluate players you have experience with to make sure they haven’t changed their style.