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Learning the Basics of Poker Playing

Poker is one of the most engaging games we have around. But to most poker players, the ultimate dream is to learn the secret formula to winning all games. Well, here are a few tips to help you deal like a pro.

Learning the basics

If you are completely new to the concept of poker, then you will need to start with the basics of poker. This includes determining what kind of poker you want to play. There are very many variants of the game around. These include: Razz poker, draw poker, Limit holds ‘em, seven card stud and five card stud. Each of the variants has its unique characteristics. When you select the one that excites you, learn its unique characteristics.


Is Online Poker Legal?

First let me qualify myself as an ordinary poker player. I am not an attorney, justice department official, nor a Supreme Court Justice. I am not giving legal advice nor will I draw any conclusions. What I have compiled is a collection of the best information I can find on the subject of “Is Online Poker legal?”.

Several recent events in congress has brought attention to the legal standing of online wagering in general. The first thing to understand is the skill game of poker is not the same as sports betting nor even “random chance” casino games like craps and roulette. It may be treated the same eventually, or it may not. Legal precedent for a lot of this simply does not exist. As of this article, no person has been charged, brought to trial, convicted, or sentenced for playing online poker. But this does not guarantee that if will not happen in the future.